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How To Increase Your Fat Consumption on a Keto Diet!

Jordyn Stoneberg

How to Increase your Fat Intake for the Keto Diet 

Whether you are a strict follower of the keto diet or you are simply dipping your toes in before jumping in, you are naturally going to have your questions and curiosities regarding what this whole lifestyle encompasses. After all, going in blindly to practically anything is never a good idea—dieting included. The ketogenic diet especially requires an eye for detail, ensuring you are getting both the macronutrients and appropriate ratios your body needs as an individual. It is important to remember no two bodies are the same nor are their individual needs.  

Sure, while there are indeed plenty of apps available both through Android and iPhone to help track your keto journey. In fact, when it comes to keto and many other diets out there today, dependability is the key to the door of motivation. When you can track and physically see the progress you are making while ensuring your ratios are correct – motivation will take over. The most important thing for entering and maintaining the fat-burning metabolic state called ketosis as well as to assist those on other low-carb diets is by consuming fats. 

Why Do Our Bodies Need Fat? 

As we mentioned earlier, no two diets are the same – although – there are run-of-the-mill diet plans that are quite similar upon first glance. One glaring detail that seems to haunt us all while dieting is, of course, fat. Should I eat it or not, and how much is too much? While there are diets out there that aim to ban either certain fats or fats as a whole—this is where the keto diet stands apart from the rest. 

As it turns out, the highly popular and efficient keto diet flips your typical food pyramid on its head, revolutionizing the way people everywhere are seeing real weight-loss results amidst an overabundance of scams and ineffective shakes and supplements. In fact, there are actual kiosks and stores 100% dedicated to these and various other similar vitamins that can serve as health support, physical improvement, and help in any areas you may be lacking. As you can see, fat is essential to the functionality of your body, and in so many different ways. Let’s take a closer look. 

Natural Fat-Fueled Bodily Tasks 

There are various functions that are controlled by several different forms of fats. Without the fat we need, we find ourselves scrambling to carry out the necessary bodily functions that keep our bodies going. For instance: 

Natural energy source 

While the typical human body burns carbs and calories for energy, the keto diet changes everything. In fact, once your body picks up on ketosis, the burning of sugar or glucose is halted. What happens next is your body instead burns fat for energy. This allows you longer lasting energy and weight-loss if that is what you are looking for. Either way, it’s a win-win.  

Energy storage 

All of the extra calories that we consume, yet do not need at the moment, are stored for future use within adipose tissue (special fat cells). 

Essential fatty acids 

There are certain dietary fats that are imperative for growth and cell function—however, these cannot be made by our body’s processes which is why we need to eat more healthy fats. 

The correct functioning of your brain and nerves 

Fats within the body are a part of what is called myelin, or a fatty substance that encases your nerve cells so that they are able to send the necessary electrical signals our bodies need. In fact, our brains even contain a decent amount of essential fats. 

Healthy skin and tissue 

Being that fat is indeed a required nutrient your body needs each day, means that it serves a purpose—in fact, it serves many different purposes. In this case, fats are a must within the cell membranes to keep your hair, skin, tissue, and nails looking perfect. 

Transporting essential vitamins 

When you get the amount of fat you need each day, the fats within your body actually transport fat-soluble vitamins into the bloodstream, delivering them directly to where they are needed. 

Increasing Your Fat Intake for Optimal Health and Fitness 

If you are reading this article, you are more than likely practicing the keto diet. Also, you are certainly aware of the role fats play in remaining fit, providing energy, and successfully losing weight—especially on the keto diet. The following are some excellent ways to add good fats into your diet. With this guide, you should successfully be able to increase your fat intake and boost your ketosis through the roof. 

Begin with whole, full-fat foods 

Many of us tend to purchase low-fat and fat-free foods while dieting. After all, not everyone is used to keto living—and it is fairly different than other diets. So, when you head to the shop, make sure to grab full-fat things like yogurt and sour cream.  

Utilize fats while cooking 

Cooking with fats is not only good for your diet, it additionally adds many different benefits to your food as well—both in flavor and quality. It is highly recommended that you use natural fats like butter. The good news? You can use as little or as much as you want. 

Add oil, dressings, butter, and sauces to your dishes 

There are truly no limits when it comes to adding fat to your diet. This point speaks for itself, however, by simply adding a bit of hollandaise, sour cream, or drizzling oil on top of your dish, you have successfully increased your fat intake. Not only does this add a decent amount of extra fats to your meal, but it also gives it more flavor—you can’t go wrong. 

Top your dish with high-fat foods 

From salads to soups and beyond, anything you are able to garnish provides an excellent opportunity for the addition of fats. Try putting some avocado into your salad, use cheese, seeds, nuts, and cured meats. Simply sprinkle on some of these tasty additions to your meal and you are set! 

Finding Success on the Keto Diet with Added Fats 

The keto diet is famously low-carb with high fat intake and reduced sugar and calorie intake. Whether you are looking for ways to reach ketosis or you simply need some fresh ideas—check out these delectable recipes. With so many different options when it comes to fat, you might just be surprised at how easy keto can really be!