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No Bread Antipasto Baked Rollups

Samantha Stephenson

Meat lovers know that antipasto salad is a great way to enjoy a variety of savory flavors, such as bacon, ham, turkey and delicious vegetables. Antipasto is legendary in Italian cuisine and most of the Italian weddings I have been too had a whole table, if not a room dedicated to the varieties of antipasto for guest’s to enjoy. You don’t need to dine out to enjoy this traditional dish and it doesn’t have to be eaten alongside a heaping pile of pasta either. This low carb rollup antipasto recipe calls for a few fresh ingredients and will give you a bit of Italy’s classic flavors. 


A simple and delicious creation that can be stored and chilled in an airtight container, ready to be enjoyed at any time. We love creating fresh keto recipe ideas that support your lifestyle by providing meal ideas that don’t skimp on flavor, are easy to prepare and satisfyingly delicious.


Cook Time 10 minutes

Prep Time 10 minutes

Makes 8


8 bacon, slices
2 ham, slices
2 turkey, slices
1/4 cup roasted red pepper hummus
2 provolone cheese, slices
½ cup chopped roasted red pepper
1 red pepper, sliced lengthwise



1. Preheat oven to 350 F and line baking tray with parchment paper.
2. Lay all bacon slices side by side lengthwise on the baking pan.
3. Layer on top of the bacon slices of ham followed by turkey.
4. Spread roasted red pepper hummus on top of the turkey.
5. Add slices of provolone cheese on top of hummus.
6. Carefully roll up the and place in oven for 10 minutes or until bacon is crispy.
7. Once the antipasto creation has cooled down and cut into bite sized pieces. Enjoy!

Recipe inspired by Organize Yourself Skinny!