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Popular Protein Supplements Contain Potentially Harmful Additives

Matt Cooper

For the second time now, a major test as revealed elevated levels of heavy metals in protein powders. Just like last time, many of the companies named were known as class acts in forums and stores. Unfortunately, they are good at reputation-only.

Often times these companies are legit when they start out but get bought out by larger companies if they gain traction. The other thing that happens is the business meets its inflection point and has a chance to grow and does so by selling out on the quality of sourcing. The underground music model


The biggest reason some studies show supplements work and some don't are as follows: a lot of supplements straight up don't do anything. Sometimes the ones that do are applied in the wrong situations or perhaps before a person's body is healthy enough biochemically to actually use the nutrients. The last one is that because many supplements don't contain what they claim on the label, many studies conducted are simply testing pixie dust and not the actual nutrients themselves.


When taking supplements, it's key to know that your health drives your performance so before taking anything unnecessary like pre-workout it's best to baseline and then optimize your health before shifting gears into anything that's an accessory. Both your health AND performance/fitness will take off.

What to do about this? In a nutshell, know what you are taking. Be sure anything you supplement with is third-party tested, lab validated and inspected for quality of sourcing by independent authorities. Inspect what you expect. You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that wasn’t cleared by the health inspectors. Same concept.

Understanding is power.