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Stress Less


Can Exogenous Ketones Silence Stress and Anxiety?

 Did you know that stress and anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness affecting the world?  Recent research highlights that over 18 million U.S. adults suffer from excess stress, and/or some type of anxiety-related issues.  With reports of mental health challenges steadily increasing in numbers, many have been left scrambling for solutions.  Because side effects from certain prescription aids can be quite troubling, many have been left scrambling for natural solutions such as meditation, breathwork, and even nutritional interventions.  Recent encouraging research also suggests that the use of exogenous ketone supplementation into your daily regimen can have a profound impact on silencing stress and anxiety.

 What The Science Says

 A recent study set out to put exogenous ketones to the test to monitor their effects on anxiety.  Several groups were put through trials with subjective test scoring to assess pre and post trial levels of anxiety. 

The results were astounding:

 In a single blind comparison clinical study of 33 subjects, 18 subjects in Group 254 and 15 subjects in Group 255, using two different compositions of exogenous ketones over an 8-week period, the average reduction in mild, non-chronic anxiety of the combined groups was 32% without the subjects being in ketosis.

 Another test revealed an average of 24% reduction.  A third revealed a 16% reduction.  The fourth resulted in a whopping 40% reduction in mild, non-chronic anxiety!

 The reality is that even a 16% reduction in mild, non-chronic anxiety is not only statistically significant but a drastic improvement.  Whether you want to take a look at this figure, the gargantuan 40% improvement, or the numbers in-between, the reality is that this can represent a dramatic shift in mood and quality of life!

 The Bottom Line

 This makes sense as ketosis and exogenous ketones have long-been reported to promote a state of relaxation in the body and brain, specifically eliciting a GABAergic effect.  Many have reported significant reductions in anxiousness and stress after making the metabolic shift of having regular states of ketosis induced.

 Exogenous ketones represent a major tool in being able to naturally shift your mood and improve your quality of life on top of the litany of benefits we’ve known about for some time.  Consider integrating exogenous ketones into your health and fitness regimen for overall wellbeing!



**Please note that if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or any mental health disorder it is important to consult with a qualified health professional.  This article is educational in nature and is not a substitute for medical advice.