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The Keto Diet: Remaining Low Carb Throughout the Holidays

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Celebrating the Holidays Keto and Carefree!

Overall, the keto low carb diet provides countless benefits for your health, whether you are looking to lose weight or not, low carb eating is a good idea for anyone who wishes to remain healthy. However, how do those practicing the keto diet remain in ketosis over the holidays?

Unfortunately for those looking to remain in ketosis during the holiday season including Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can be a bit of a challenge. Because as we all know, the holiday season often brings a good deal of couch surfing and a high rate of over-consumption when it comes to all of that tasty holiday food. From Thanksgiving stuffing to Christmas cookies, it can be quite tempting to stray away from our diets during these times of the year!

However, you do not necessarily have to fall victim to their tasty prowess. In fact, believe it or not, there are many ways for someone on the keto diet to avoid temptation and remain in a solid state of ketosis. After all, diets require a great deal of dedication in order to maintain positive results. In order to remain true to your low carb diet, there are a few steps that can keep you on your path to success. 

With the right mindset and drive, anyone who is on a low carb keto diet can defeat those holiday cravings. With a few simple steps and preparations, you will be set to go to those holiday get-togethers without straying away from your impending weight loss and an improvement of your overall health.

1.     Take on a keto positive mindset

What is a keto positive mindset you ask? Think of it simply as following the guidelines you chose to follow when entering into the keto diet without any jealousy or wishing you could indulge with the rest of your friends and family. If it helps, think of it as the 10 commandments of ketosis. Remember that you are a compassionate human being with a goal in life and avoiding any unhealthy temptations will be easy as pie. For further help remaining in ketosis try out our keto supplements.

2.     Root yourself in extensive, useful keto knowledge

Luckily for us, living in the digital world provides us with many different opportunities and options for making our lives easier. This is especially true when it comes to the low carb keto diet. Today, there are many different apps available that you can download on your phone, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices that can be of great assistance to your keto diet.

Some of these apps are able to report exactly what is in the food at your disposal. In this way, you will easily be able to say no to anything that is not keto friendly. In the end, you will also know which food you can say yes to. For info on keto recipes, you can try over the holidays, check this out.

3.     Set your goals in stone!

One of the most effective ways to remain in control of your keto diet during the holidays is to set defined goals for which to follow for a successful, uninterrupted diet. It is important that you create rules that you choose due to your ultimate goals. For instance, if you need to lose some pounds, you would be on a different diet than someone trying to gain weight.

The best part is, there is no wrong answer here. YOU set YOUR goals and succeed. It can sometimes be helpful to bring a meal replacement along with you. For those useful BHB’s and MCT’s venture here and browse the benefits.

4.     Celebrate the holidays away from the table

Unless you have steel willpower, sitting at the table where everyone is eating is going to tempt you and perhaps make you break your diet. While it is ok to cheat sometimes (everything in moderation), planning activities away from the table will make it a lot easier for you to focus on low carb snacks for your low carb diet. For instance, grab a drink and head to the living room or some other common space. Trust us, others will follow.

5.     You might sneak a bite or two, but don't panic- prepare!

Kegenix PRIME and Keto Meal are not only great in recipes around this time to help keep you on track but if you're craving your Grandma's prized cheesy potatoes, know that Kegenix is here to take you from carb comatose to nutritional ketosis. Plan ahead and take a serving of PRIME 30 minutes before your holiday dinner, 30 minutes after your dinner (if not too close to bedtime), and then again first thing the following morning. From there, you can take your PRIME and/or Meal as you usually do- in ketosis and carefree!

Most importantly you should remember that the holidays are a special time that extends way beyond what we do and do not eat. These are the times in which we embrace our families- don't let a cookie stop you from creating memories!r

While realistically the holidays can sometimes trigger you to the point of cheating on your diet big time, when we focus on the more important aspects of the holidays we can effectively enjoy the holidays without worrying about not maintaining your keto diet. For more information on the keto diet click here.