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Top 5 Must-Follow Keto Vegans on Social Media

Samantha Stephenson

Veganism gets a bad rap in the keto world due to it's high carb consumption (typically). There are a few different types of vegan diets, but conventionally you consume whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Foods to avoid include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and bee products. This can be problematic to keto dieters, as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and vegetables make up the majority of their meals.

So we tend to butt heads. 

There are many benefits to following a vegan lifestyle though. You eliminate foods that tend to be more inflammatory, such as dairy, you eat more vegetables, and you avoid supporting feed lots, which can have poor living conditions for animals. 

If you plan on giving the Keto-Vegan Diet a try, we recommend checking out this article by, A Comprehensive Guide to the Vegan Ketogenic Diet.

And give these Vegans and Keto-Vegans listed below a follow for tips and tricks on making the transition as smooth as possible!

It can be done. 


1. Vegan & Keto

Vegan & Keto was created by the ladies behind Limitless Life Girls , and is exactly what you would expect. Vegan and Keto posts. This Instagram page's focus is product reviews, so before you try that new pricey, keto/vegan snack, check to see if it was reviewed here. You will also find recipes, and creative ways to get fat into your vegan diet. 


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Good stuff for your gut. I happen to love the spicy sour taste! @farmhouseculture #guthealth #farmhouseculture

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2. Julie Van den Kerchove

Julie is a plant-powered keto chef, and creator of Julieslifestyle.comJulie follows a plant-based, keto diet, and was able to improve her digestion, balance her hormones, and overcome candida through this lifestyle change. Her Instagram page looks has such a bright and happy vide. It's a work of art!


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Chocolate Mousse ‘Ice Cream’ Pie with a Brownie Cookie Dough Crust & Berries 🍓 To celebrate that the 2nd print of our new book #hetketoplan is finally ready and available at @standaardboekhandel again 😄🎉 . After 6 weeks, it’s still one of the top 10 bestsellers in Belgium - thank you so much for your support!! ❤️ Now who wants to join me for some cake?! 😜 . I made a #sugarfree #lowcarb version with coconut to bind the crust + stevia & a little xylitol to sweeten 👌 Definitely serving it ice cold with this heatwave 😅☀️ . PS: can you guess what makes the chocolate mousse extra creamy? Hint: it has lots of healthy fats to beat sugar cravings 🙌 . PS2: you can find the original recipe in my book #easyveganmetjulie 👉 > Shop > Boeken 💕 . . . . . #chocolate #chocolatecake #chocolatemousse #rawcacao #cacaonibs #chocolatelover #rawchocolate #ketobaking #ketodessert #ketotreats #ketolife #lowcarbhighfat #glutenfreevegan #berrypie #chocolatebrownie #cookiedough #icecreamcake #lowcarbrecipes #lowcarbdiet #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines #detox @detoxpage #thechalkboardeats #iamwellandgood #feedfeedvegan #bbg #sweatwithkayla

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3. Meat Free Keto

Meet Liz, self-proclaimed vegan and keto nerd, and proud Ravenclaw (I'm a Gryffindor girl myself). And also, author of Vegan Keto, the complete guide to a whole-foods, plant based approach to keto. Give her page a visit for inspiration and to pre-order her brand new book, scheduled to release October 2018. 


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After what seemed like an endless number of failed attempts, I finally got a vegan keto chocolate doughnut recipe that works! They’re so tasty, and less than 2g of net carbs each. Definitely a new favorite! Recipe link in bio!

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4. Deliciously Legal

Deliciously Legal is all about providing alternatives to your favorite foods. They specialize in dairy free, paleo, low-FODMAP, and vegan. And although these recipes aren't specifically low-carb, they are great for getting your creative juices flowing! 


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stuffed eggplant... middle eastern spiced tomato capsicum currant salad with toasted nut and seed mix and coconut saffron yogurt ❤ xx #vegan #lowfodmap #paleo #plantbased

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5. Vermilion Roots

Vermilion Roots was created by Christine and her husband David, and focuses on plant-based Southeast Asian recipes. It is not low-carb, but it is full of fun and unusual plant combinations that will fill your home will all kinds of creative ideas. 


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Asian market finds: Galangal. Have you cooked with galangal before? Galangal may resemble ginger in some ways but make no mistake as it contributes a fragrant lemony pungency in cooking unlike that of ginger. I use it often to make spice paste for Malaysian curries. It is tough and extremely fibrous (often sending the food processor into a rattle when making the paste), and care should be taken when handling it from peeling to cutting. 💚 . . #galangal #healthyingredients #asianmarket #asianspices #malaysianfood #asianfoodie

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For more keto inspiration, make sure you give Kegenix a follow on Instagram too!