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ELEVATE D BHB Ketone sticks + MCT Powder


Our Most Powerful and Longest-Lasting Keto Supplement

ELEVATE D BHB Ketones are the only clinically proven keto formula designed to help you easily stay on track once you’ve reached your health and weight loss goals. Studies have shown a significant reduction in cholesterol and insulin levels and a 528% increase in improved lean-to-fat ratio, resulting in better overall health and wellness. Containing D-BHB, our patented bio-identical ketone, ELEVATE D BHB Ketones are twice as effective as competitor products at helping you maintain weight loss while supporting mental and metabolic health. Power up your mind and body to live a longer, healthier life.

Clinically Proven

ELEVATE D BHB Ketones Maintenance, taken just twice a day for 8 weeks, showed a 538% improvement in lean-to-fat ratio, a reduction in normal LDL cholesterol and normal insulin levels, compared to placebo group, in a double-blind placebo based study (the gold standard of clinical studies).

Real Easy Keto

Two doses, all day ketosis...keto just became easy.

Real Energy, Real Focus

ELEVATE D BHB Ketones deliver the energy, focus and clarity you need to power your keto lifestyle.

2X Servings, 2X Ketones, 4X Value

Real Ketones has twice the ketones as other supplements, delivering fast-acting, sustained ketosis.

Best Tasting, Best Texture

ELEVATE D BHB Ketones taste amazing, with tangy Orange Blast and refreshing Lemon Twist and Grape flavors. And no chalky texture!

Doctor & Clinically Proven

We’ve invested millions in clinical studies, and the results are impressive.

Clinical Studies

Powered by D-BHB

Our clinically studied, multi-patented quad electrolyte formula makes all the difference.

Our D-BHB Formula

100% Guaranteed

You’ll love Real Ketones products so much, we guarantee it with a full refund policy.

Money Back Guarantee

Third-Party Tested

We ensure the highest quality standards with strict 3rd Party Testing.

GMP Certified

All of our products are GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Made in the USA

Real Ketones products are proudly made right here in the U.S.