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Keto Fudge Brownie Bark

Chef Sarah Steffans

Keto Fudge Brownie Bark

Serves 8

Say goodbye to cravings for sweets, and say hello to this Keto Fudge Brownie Bark! You do not bake them and most importantly you can stick to your diet, Adding Real Ketones Prime protein and collagen is one of the many great ways to use your products!


½ cup of coconut oil
1 cup stevia-sweetened dark chocolate chips
2 scoops of Real Ketones Fudge Brownie Whey Protein Powder
2 scoops of Real Ketones Prime Collagen Peptide Powder
½ tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. vanilla bean powder
2 Tbs. macadamia nut butter
2 Tbs. dried, shredded & unsweetened coconut
2 Tbs. chopped walnuts


Melt coconut oil and chocolate chips together on a double broiler. Alternatively, you can melt them in the microwave, just be sure to do this is short batches to not burn the chocolate.

When the coconut oil and chocolate is melted, add the remaining ingredients (except dried coconut and chopped walnuts) stirring together until well combined.

Spread as an even layer on a piece of parchment paper, sprinkle with dried coconut and chopped walnuts and place in the fridge until it is firm to the touch.

When it has cooled and hardened, break up in pieces with your hands. Store in a glass container in the fridge until ready to serve.


Calories: 259
Carbs: 12
Net Carbs: 9
Protein: 3
Fat: 24