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MCT: What is it, Where Does it Come From, and How is it Beneficial?

Alex Millet

MCT: What is it, Where Does it Come From, and How is it Beneficial?

MCT is traditionally tied in with the ketogenic diet because of the body's weight loss success when combining the two together. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, but to keep it simple, they are partially man-made fats. Today, the keto lifestyle is slowly but surely taking the fitness world by storm. With the rise of the keto diet, also comes an increased interest in MCT. However, what many people do not know, is that the keto diet and MCT were once used as a type of dietary therapy, initially designed to help those with epilepsy. In fact, between the 1920s and 1930s, MCT and the ketogenic diet were utilized therapeutically as an alternative to anticonvulsant drugs, which were new to the market at the time.

The official ketogenic diet was developed in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder, who worked for the Mayo Clinic at the time. Today, there are five different versions of the keto diet that have officially been recorded in medical literature as proven, highly-effective treatments for a variety of diseases and other physical ailments.

Some of the benefits that derive from the ketogenic diet and MCT include cures for epilepsy, some cancers, metabolic dysregulation, and Alzheimer’s. Since then, the ketogenic diet has blossomed and proven itself further as one of the best diets for many medical and health reasons. Whether you are looking for a way to help combat diabetes, fight your chances of developing cancer or Alzheimer’s, or are just looking for a strategy to lose weight and stay in shape, the ketogenic diet is right for you. Along with the benefits of the keto diet, by combining MCT oil into your practice, it will only boost your chances of success. The best news yet? It is effective and affordable for practically anyone who commits to it. 

The Keto Diet

No matter which version of the keto diet you decide to try, they all revolve around the same guidelines. The classic keto diet is the strictest version and has a simple to follow recommended food intake guide. The classic keto diet relies on a simple 4:1 ratio.

This means for every part protein or carb, you must take in 4 times that amount in good fats. No matter which keto path you take, remember this is a diet that revolves around a low carb and low-calorie diet plan with a medium amount of protein. What truly fuels those on a keto diet are the high amounts of good fats included in this diet. 

The nutrients you must consume are known as your macronutrients. Interestingly enough, the only thing that sets each keto diet apart is the macronutrient ratio followed. This nutrient combo and inevitable lifestyle change will alter the way the energy is used in your body, burning fat instead of glucose for fuel. This ultimately puts you in better health, allows you to get in shape, and encourages weight loss. In the end, the keto diet promotes advantages to both the sick and healthy. The same goes for MCT oil and other products.

The Keto Diet and MCT

There are many diets out there with supplements available in order to help the diet along its way, going as far as to provide you with any vitamins and minerals you are not currently receiving with the diet. Finally, when this diet is practiced properly, your body should begin to produce its own ketones which are the ultimate goal of this diet. Once your body begins producing its own ketones, you are officially in the metabolic state known as ketosis and on your way toward dropping some pounds. The following are the top keto supplements taken by dieters.

  • Metabolic Ketosis Support Organic Supplements
  • Complete meal replacements
  • Workout support
  • Muscle fuel
  • Natural energy support
  • BHB and MCT filled supplements

The keto lifestyle is beneficial, yet somewhat difficult depending on who you are. It requires a stern focus and deep dedication to the intention you set for yourself, and you must follow the ratios carefully in order to achieve success. Before you go overloading your body with powders and supplements, you should first figure out what your diet is missing and go from there. Of all of the supplements you can take, MCT is one of the more beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

What is MCT?

Supplements like MCT and BHB go hand-in-hand. Taking a closer look at MCT, it is an oil, that is extremely versatile and can be added to a wide variety of items including bulletproof coffee, smoothies, and salad dressings. MCT or multi-chain triglycerides are easily digested compared to longer chains of fat found in other animal-based fats. MCT oil is more commonly received from coconut oil, palm oil, and other various dairy products. So, how does MCT help dieters?

  1. It promotes weight loss

MCT oil has been proven as a beneficial weight loss tool in many different forms. Recently, scientists discovered that MCT oil might be more effective than coconut oil. Cooking with a few tablespoons of MCT oil, you will feel fuller and more satiated compared to coconut oil. Not only does MCT assist you in feeling full longer, but it also helps to reduce your waist size and any chances of obesity.

  1. It is an excellent source of brain fuel

MCT oil, as it turns out, is absorbed rapidly—even quicker than coconut oil in fact. Due to the fact that MCT oil is compiled of shorter triglycerides means the substance travels directly from the gut to the liver, no longer needing bile to break it down. Once MCT reaches your liver, it is used efficiently for quick energy. The reason MCT is able to produce such quick results is that it enters your liver whole—never breaking down after consumption like longer-chain triglycerides.

  1. Possibly helps patients manage ailments like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, autism, and other various diseases

It has been observed in recent studies that MCT oil can help manage several conditions, ailments, and diseases ranging from epilepsy and Alzheimer’s to diabetes and autism. This is especially true when it is used alongside the ever-popular Ketogenic diet. There are some people who have actually seen a decrease in seizure activity while others have seen increased energy amidst Alzheimer’s symptoms.

  1. MCT oil is made up of strong fatty acids that combat bacterial growth

Although a surprise to us all, MCT oil has proven itself to be quite a powerful tool when it comes to antifungal and antimicrobial properties. At the moment, full-on, high-quality human trials are needed for an absolute and true conclusion. As of today, we are only seeing these trials being run in test tubes and with animals, however, the results appear to be quite promising. There is a market for MCT and supplements like it, not because of false hopes and unfulfillable promises, but because there is a demand for it within our bodies.

  1. MCT oil can help your heart remain in good health

The more you look into it, the more you will discover just how linked everything in our bodies truly are—it is really quite remarkable. Due to its many previously mentioned health benefits, MCT oil can actually lead to an improvement in your all-around cardio health. In fact, it may actually serve to reduce risk factors for heart disease. For example, things like high cholesterol and high blood pressure are less of a problem with MCT oil.

Does Your Diet Need a Little Life Support by Way of MCT?

There is a very simple topic we need to go over before we begin, if your body does not need a specific nutrient, vitamin, or mineral – after consuming vitamins such as these – your body will dispose of them as your body typically rids itself of toxins and the like. Needless to say, while practically anyone could benefit from MCT oil, you should never start using this or any other supplements for no reason. From looking out for your blood pressure, fighting diabetes, and losing weight, to helping those with metabolic syndromes—MCT is an excellent solution to an array of problems.