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The Best Gadgets for the Keto Kitchen

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The Best Gadgets for the Keto Kitchen

Now that you're a keto-connoisseur and a pro when it comes to cooking keto-friendly foods, make sure you have all the kitchen tools you need to elevate your keto cooking!

Counter-top contraptions

A Keto-dieter's best friend. Spiralize vegetables to make the easiest low carb pasta alternative available. Spiralizers can make pasta, noodles or rice! Try spiralizing things like cucumbers, squash, zucchini, beets, and more. Check out the endless options, here

A must for endless keto-friendly foods. Try one of our favorite Kegenix Shakes after your next workout! Take your blending skills to the next level by making your own salad dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces!

The simple way to make delicious and nutritious meals when you are on a time crunch. Throw something together in the morning and have it ready and waiting for you when you get home at the end of the day. Check out some delicious keto-friendly crockpot recipes, here

Indoor Stove Top Grill
Invest in a stove-top grill to grill your favorite proteins, like steak, chicken or fish with ease.  

Pressure Cooker 
Make a fast and delicious meal in minutes with a pressure cooker. Check out some of these keto recipes to try with your pressure cooker! 

This multi-use surface helps you to multitask and bring a meal together in minutes! Try our pan-fried keto pancakes recipe and make some eggs at the same time for a quick and delicious keto-friendly breakfast!


In your cabinet or drawer

Cast Iron Pan
Another great kitchen tool to cool endless items, including chicken and steak, sauteed vegetables, or a breakfast scramble. Check out some of these delicious keto-friendly cast iron pan recipes, here! 

Blender Bottle
Save time by mixing up your protein shakes with a blender bottle. Get a Kegenix blender bottle when you buy our Keto Power Bundle, check it out here! 

Avocado Cutter 
Slice avocado with ease to add the perfect bite to your favorite dishes.

Egg Cutter
Similar to the avocado cutter, cut hardboiled eggs easily with this gadget to elevate your dish. 


Check out our Keto Kitchen blog to find some more delicious keto recipes to put these kitchen gadgets to use!